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• Seaside Storytelling
• Learn about local Fairy lore
• Visit Fairy homes
• Beautiful section of the East Coast Trail
• Beachfire & Mug Up
• Photographers paradise
• Whales & Puffins are likely this time of year

This adventure is set in the beautiful, seaside community of Tors Cove, a tiny coastal village nestled in the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve (about 30 minutes south of St. John's).

Enjoy a guided walk with a local storyteller (and certified Fairyologist) to ‘The Cribbies’, home to some of the most photographed salt box homes in Newfoundland (not to mention the Fairies). Learn all about our rich Fairy lore, what can be expected from the ‘Little People’ and how to protect yourself from such encounters!

A picturesque cobblestone beach awaits us… savour the smells and sounds of the ocean and take in the beauty of the islands that dot this coast, several of which are part of the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve, and home to over half a million puffins. The world's 2nd largest Leach's storm-petrel colony (more than 620,000 pairs) also come here to nest.

A stones throw away - a flock of sheep roam freely on Fox Island, where they come by boat in the spring to graze for the summer. This time of year there's likely to be whales and icebergs to see as well!

If the winds aren't too strong we'll share a mug-up on the beach (hot and cold beverages, local treats)!


Wednesdays at 7pm
July & August
(or call to Book a private group walk)
Tickets: $36 per person

Tickets should be purchased at least 24 hours in advance. Or call to inquire. (709) 682-9724

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Minimum of 6 participants required. If cancelled due to low numbers or weather you will be notified via email and receive a full refund (please check your email before event start).

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if it rains?
The tour will go ahead in rain or shine (or fog). Please be prepared for warm and sun, or chilly rain and fog. It could be sunny and warm in St. John's, and foggy and wet in the Cove - or vice versa!

We will walk a short section of the East Coast Trail, we recommend hiking shoes or sneakers.

How far will we walk?
Approximately 1.25km, with some stops along the route.

What should I take?
A camera, rain jacket, footwear ideal for a nature trail.

Recommended Ages:
This tour is designed for adults, but would be suitable for ages 9 to 90, who are keen to learn about fairies and fairy lore.

I've heard of people being 'led astray' by Fairies, could this happen on the tour?
As most cases of Fairy abductions, Fairy Blasts, and being led astray occur at dusk, we feel confident our afternoon tours are quite safe. We do however take some precautions, which you'll be made aware of before we head out. Your Tour Guide is well-versed in the antics of the Little People and will be most helpful should any Fairy business occur.

What is a Fairy Door?
A Fairy Door is a magical gateway or portal between our world and the magical kingdom of the supernatural and elementals. Fairy doors were discovered in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the early 90’s. It's believed they have always existed, but are often located in woodland areas where they are less likely to be discovered.

A hiker made the first Fairy Door discovery in Newfoundland. It was found near the East Coast Trail (Tinker’s Point, Tors Cove). This led to a fascination and search for others... too date several have been located and now Fairy Door Tours is excited to collaborate with the Fairies and offer tours to children and families.